About Titus

Who is Titus? A breath of fresh air, lyric spitting, purpose driven, creator of good music making, story telling, soldier for the kingdom, leader of today’s youth, tallest emcee in the game with a testimony worth investing your time into. A Florida native and one of Orlando’s most talked about talents- Titus has a distinctive sound, a demanding presence and an energy that is magnetic to his fans. Given such a powerful name – he delivers nothing less than an ultimate victory with the weights and values of his destiny.

Having spent some time in the cicular world of music- he’s dedicated his life and given talents as a believer and now one of the newest emerging Christian Hip Hop artists on the scene. What’s amazing, especially in today’s markets and trends- is the rarity of that ‘total package’ and seemingly having some major fun with his journey and newest movement Cool Christians.

He has followed the footsteps of Grammy artist Lecrae, Bizzle and Andy Mineo and has covered grounds while planting seeds to harvest with his debut single titled, “P.U.S.H” (Pray Until Something Happens) featuring Blanco. This release has captured the ears and hearts of many with the encouragement of conquering any challenges that one may face in their lives. The self directed video has been an eye opener and has attracted some major supporters and corporations which is an impressive start for this rookie in the league.

In his own words, “I’m just getting started and have so far to go”- Titus highlights the ingredients of his album titled, GODSPEED which is set to release first quarter of 2017. You can expect a few singles to be released and launched, as he combines talents with the help of Grammy nominated and Platinum artist Andre Fennell, Benjah, Flight School, Dillon Chase, Ken Nai, Blanco, Devin, Tim Allen and Roy Tosh to give you what he announces as his ‘best music ever created”.

The creator of “Cool Christians” which is his movement, apparel brand and media platform and outlets for those who live and celebrate their lives through Christ with the most unique and empowered experiences. Expect the new website to launch soon, inspirational tees and other apparel and mixtape series to come soon to give something special for nearly everyone worldwide. Titus is more than just an artist behind the music; yet a powerful guest speaker, man of GOD and humanitarian to the public. This young vessel has his work cut out for him and some big shoes to fill. But I think many would agree that we are overdue for some good music, better times, miracles and much needed change with these seasons we mutually share.

I assure you that in some way, fashion and/or experience that Titus will leave his imprint on your hearts and minds as he embraces his purpose to the people as a child of GOD, obedient student and presence within the entertainment and Christian communities.

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